@Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart EM2

It’s a cult!

Genre classics and cult favourites every other month

Fresh meat!

Obscure, profound, fantastic and weirdly extraordinary NEW feature films every other month

??.??.2023 – 20:30


Weird Wednesday 0711 #9? @ Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart


Our beautiful home.

The programme is specially designed for independent films from classic genres like horror, scifi or exploitation up to experimental hybrids and arthouse. We search for the obscure, profound, fantastic and the weirdly extraordinary!

Some main feature examples from the first 2 years: “Toxic Avenger”, “Evil Dead (1981)”, “It’s Hard To Be A God”, “Entertainment”, “The Whispering Star”, “Der Bunker”, “Ich seh, ich seh”, “Der Samurai”…

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