WE WILL BE BACK TO THE BIG SCREEN! with the Weird Wednesday #67 @ Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart
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NEXT UP: Weird Watchparty #4 starts on Wednesday the 30th of December at 20pm
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Weird Wednesday 0711 is an alternative to the usual movie theatre programme. We seek for national and international short films, beyond the “mainstream” from old school to progressive film making.

We offer a diversified monthly framework in an established metropolitan movie theatre that includes one short film chosen from the entries on FilmFreeway to open for a curated full-length feature. The screenings are accompanied by moderation, sometimes guest speakers and get-togethers.

Our guests get the opportunity to enjoy iconic film gems from the past, exciting new discoveries on the big screen AND a glimpse of the international world of short films which is rarely seen in mainstream cinemas apart from the festival circuit.

It’s your chance to reach real movie lovers and not just the “film festival elite”.

DEATH VAN by Michael Enzbrunner

The fictitious space-rock duo DEATH VAN tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures that are haunted and terrorized by a menacing and mischievous entity. WW0711 statement: Very stylish, technically excellent. There is nothing to discuss. Director: Michael Enzbrunner Writer: Adam Gurfinkel Music: DEATH VAN (Michael Enzbrunner) Sound Design: Kevin Swartz Country of Origin:…